from 4 to 6 years old


Is a preschool Prekinder program really worth it? We believe ours is. Your child will benefit from low student-teacher ratios, personalized attention and a curriculum that’s rooted in the latest research on child development. You’ll see the rewards in your child’s positive school experiences for years to come.

It’s all still child’s play, but our Prekinder at Runningbrook program builds in more structured learning. Step by inviting step, children master the foundation skills they’ll need to excel in their school years.

Pre-kinderWe work with children at their individual developmental levels within a well-planned curriculum, so children’s needs and interests become the springboard for each day’s activities. Teachers provide guidance, support, and interesting projects. Small groups provide the security and stimulation to help children learn to share, make choices, solve problems, resolve differences, build skills, and experience success.

Each day is a time of wonder, as children are encouraged to experiment, ask questions, and take risks. Days are filled with challenges in language development and early math problem-solving. Pre-k children dictate group stories about shared experiences, play organized math games, act out favorite stories, and explore geometric shapes and symmetry on overhead projectors.

Prekinder at Runningbrook is a fully-developed, literacy-based program designed to get children ready for school, teaching advanced letter recognition and phonics. Monthly themes and weekly activities further your child’s development in math, science and social interaction.

During the pre-k year, we acknowledge children’s independence and encourage their enthusiasm. From making up a joke to telling a story, sharing without being asked or reading simple words, four is the age when so much learning comes together. We enjoy their sense of humor and help them to develop an awareness of a sensitivity to each other’s needs and feelings. Always paramount is our commitment to the importance of educating the whole child, as we focus regularly on each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs and growth.

The Prekinder provides stimulating language experiences in a literacy-rich environment. Phonemic awareness skills are introduced and explored; children dictate and write their own imaginative signs and stories. They write in their journals. Art, music, dramatic play and social interaction help each preschooler explore creativity and build self-esteem.

The Prekinder year is full and lively. With all of these learning opportunities as a base, students step into their next, more formal school environment with confidence that says, “I can do it. I am in control.”

Pre-Kinder foundation

Hands-on activities teach language, basic math and science concepts.

Science, social studies, art, music and more.

Themes encourage curiosity, self direction and persistence.

Reading readiness programs introduce the alphabet using letterforms, sounds and words.

Acquisition of confidence, self-esteem and communication skills.

Equal time for creativity and child-centered learning.

Small class size encourages one-on-one teacher/child interaction.

Programs help children get ready for school.

We invite you to be part of Runningbrook and live with us the wonderful experience of early childhood.

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