Programs & Curriculum

Runnigbrook’s exclusive educational programs provide unlimited opportunities for the development of the whole child. There is a curriculum for every age level, centered around developmental appropriate and fun activities. The curriculum, different and attractive, is based on the Creative Curriculum.

Our program is based on promoting the four areas of development (social/ emotional, physical, cognitive and language). Knowing how children grow and develop is the basis for planning our program, selecting materials and guiding children’s learning. By knowing, we mean appreciating general patterns of growth in all children as well as the difference we certainly encounter in individual children.

Runningbrook’s programs involve…

Staff that have specialized

training in child development and appropriate programming and interact with them in a very caring way.

A physical environment that is safe,

healthy and contains a variety of toys and materials that are both stimulating and familiar.

Comprehensive curricula based on age

– appropriate learning activities. Children learn by being actively involved.

Ours Programs

Playgroup 1: 2 to 2.5 years. Playgroup 2: 2.6 to 3 years.
Kid`s Club
Kids Club I: 3 to 3.5 years. Kids Club II: 3.6 to 4 years.
4 to 6 years.
2 to 6 years.
Summer School2 to 6 years.

San Carlos Center

La Fuente 2920,
Las Condes.
Phone: +56 2 2216 7125

El Rodeo Center

El Rodeo 13476,
Lo Barnechea.
Phone: +56 2 2216 7125